A Moment In Time

A Moment In Time

Yesterday, in a studio in Fulham, central London, we held the Cigar Sanctum Rogues Gallery shoot. We used a young photographer called Joe Giacomet for the project. His brief was to create a series of portraits of cigar smokers, in black and white, that had a timeless quality. The mood board included portraits by Irving Penn and Richard Avedon, which we liked because of the strong bond that existed between viewer and subject. Joe blew the project out of the water with a series of shots that rival anything we’d looked at for inspiration. 

Lighting was crucial and he spent several days trialling different sources and backgrounds. The props we used came from our own collections. The glass I’m drinking from (a good St Emillion, by the way) is 18th century Georgian. The gimbal lighter that Mark lit his cigar with is antique Asprey. The vintage Dunhill table lighter that Rick holds arrived in the post less than 24 hours before the shoot. Each piece was a reminder that great design is timeless.

Through the gentle art of conversation – and a lot of questions about cigars – Joe brought out the best in his subjects and captured the essence of each person for that one fleeting moment in time. In London. One day in October. 

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A Moment In TimeA Moment In TimeA Moment In TimeA Moment In Time
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