Our World

The fact that Cigar Sanctum was conjured up over a few bottles of Barbaresco is fitting.

Great Italian red, aged Cubans, ambient music – Bill Evans, if memory serves – all came together in a cloud of steely blue smoke to produce the idea that passion permeates every aspect of how the cigar smoker sees the world. That blue flash moment also laid bare the fact that there is no jewellery designed solely with the cigar smoker in mind. That, we thought, was a shame and so we created Cigar Sanctum. Our jewellery is handmade, contemporary and intensely personal.

We hope you find something that captures your passion and complements your style.


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Email: jdc@cigarsanctum.com

Studio 32, Spaces Business Centre,
15 – 17 Ingate Place,
London SW8 3NS
United Kingdom