Partagas Jewellery Launch

Partagas Jewellery Launch

On a hot Havana afternoon, midway through the 17th Festival De Habanos, we launched the first official Partagas Jewellery Collection at our villa in Miramar. The launch was the culmination of 11 months of talks and meetings with Habanos S.A., who, I must say, were brilliant throughout. The signatures of Habanos’ two co-presidents appeared on the contract just days before the launch and the afternoon flowed like a mojito-soaked, cigar-filled dream.

The setting: Miramar. Beautiful architecture, wide roads and a world away from the hustle and bustle of central Havana. The villa we rent offered the perfect venue, with its wrap-around verandah that offered shade from the midday sun and its beautiful garden that offered sun from the midday shade. Habanos donated eight boxes of Partagas Selecion Privada for our guests (thank you, Maritza Carrillo), two bartenders made non-stop mojitos and the legendary Frank sang his heart out. Inside, on a simple glass table, we showed the jewellery.

Partagas is iconic and the most emotionally charged cigar brand. It dates back to 1845 – read Amir Saarony’s great ‘biography’ of the brand – the Partagas Factory is the most recognised cigar factory in the world and two eponymous Festivals are held in Havana each year. And then there’s the tobacco: earthy, peppery and strong. Sometimes bordering on the rustic, sometimes with no edges at all, but always earthy, peppery and strong.

The afternoon’s guests came from every corner of the world: the irrepressible Fox brothers (Dublin and Jersey), the mercurial Ajay Patel (London), English gentleman Simon Chase and Hunters MD Jemma Freeman (London), our Man In Havana Toby Brocklehurst, Nino Munoz (Germany), Jimmy Ng (Singapore), Amir Saarony (Canada), Habanos Development VP Javier Terres and Casa Del Habano Director Nestor Valero (Spain and Cuba), Colin Ganley (Nicaragua), Frederic Dechamps (Belgium) and many more I apologise for not having mentioned.

And despite the music, the drink, the cigars and the camaraderie, despite all of this, the jewellery starred. The Partagas Jewellery Collection will go on sale in June and, shortly after that, we will be launching the first official La Casa Del Habano jewellery collection.

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