Partagás 1845 Cufflinks


These classic Partagás cufflinks, which pay homage to the brand’s founding year, carry a secret. They’re based on the key rings that a handful of supervisors carry at the Partagás Factory in Havana. Each circular fob bears a number unique to its holder and is used to access the factory’s restricted offices. We loved the simplicity of the design and cufflinks seemed a natural evolution. Classic and elegant. (face 18 mm diam).

A Little History. Don Jaime Partagás Ravelo built his eponymous factory, Real Fábricas de Tabaco Partagás, at Calle Industria 60, Havana in 1845. The building is more than iconic – its wooden galleries and weathered floor boards retain the scent of a million cigars and its pastel coloured walls breath Havana’s intense humidity. In creating this collection, we’ve let 170 years of cigar history wash over us: the iconic factory, annual festivals, royal connections, rolling room lectors, signature red and gold and, last but not least, the wonderful earthy tobacco. 

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