Partagás Signet Ring


The tradition of wearing a signet ring dates back hundreds of years. Many of our cigar-smoking brethern sport this heirloom piece. Usually gold and always bearing an engraved coat of arms, the signet is traditionally worn on the pinky finger. For our official Partagás Collection, however, we wanted to move the design into the 21st century. Our Partagás signet is big and bold. While it carries the classic 19th century brand logo, the lines and weight of this ring give it a contemporary feel. Wear it and watch your fellow smokers’ heads turn. We currently hold the following stock sizes: 9, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12.

A Little History. Don Jaime Partagás Ravelo built his eponymous factory, Real Fábricas de Tabaco Partagás, at Calle Industria 60, Havana in 1845. The building is more than iconic – its wooden galleries and weathered floor boards retain the scent of a million cigars and its pastel coloured walls breath Havana’s intense humidity. In creating this collection, we’ve let 170 years of cigar history wash over us: the iconic factory, annual festivals, royal connections, rolling room lectors, signature red and gold and, last but not least, the wonderful earthy tobacco. 

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